I am a self-proclaimed digital humanist.  I am currently enrolled at Kwanten Polytechnic University and am working towards a Bachelor of Arts in English.  As part of English 4300, “Writing and Persuasion Beyond the Classroom: Apprenticeship in the Digital Humanities,” I will be documenting my educational journey as a digital humanist.

Throughout the next 13 weeks I will be working with the Social Justice Centre (SJC) under the supervision of a Criminology professor at KPU, Mike Ma.  Together with a classmate, Jenn Wiens, I will partner with Mike Ma in the creation of a new SJC website.  The website will go live on August 3, 2016 at the DH showcase.

When I am not at school you will find me tutoring elementary aged children, working with individuals with disabilities, volunteering with youth or exploring the many hiking trails of British Columbia!