Practicum Update: Week 13

Practicum Update: Week 13

This coming week is a BIG week in my practicum experience.  It is the week that our practicum comes to it’s conclusion.

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 12.05.48 PM.png

Over the past week Jenn and I have been in email communication with Greg Chan concerning the final product of the practicum.  He has given us a list of considerations and suggestions for change.  Jenn and I have read this over and look forward to implementing and fine tuning the site this week.

We have run into an issue with giving a face (or faces) to the SJC page.  Mike has asked that we do not feature those behind the cause, but rather keep the focus on those who are being helped.  Social justice is for everyone.  Jenn and I did not want to exploit or jeopardize the privacy of those in need; therefore, instead of putting pictures of people in need we decided to feature images of our region.  The downside to this is the site could be seen as less personal.  So over the coming week (and during class this afternoon) we will seek to solve this issue.

We also will meet with Mike Ma to discuss his impression of the site and different ways for us to improve the overall appearance and function of the site.

A big part of our practicum (which also serves as our final exam) will be the DH showcase.  The showcase will occur Wednesday August 3rd, 2016 from 10:00am- 1:00pm.  Jenn and I will present our final product to those in attendance.  We plan to walk the guests through each tab of the site and to explain the process we took in creating the site.  Along with presenting the site itself, we will share the overall experience we have had within our practicum placement.

Jenn and I feel very fortunate to work with Mike and his team of people!  We are blown away at the opportunities we have had to visit different events and social justice organizations.  Walking into English 4300 I thought I would be taking my writing beyond the scope of the classroom.  I expected to be responsible for writing content for organizations.  I did not expect to use technology to create avenues to present information.  My perception of English 4300 was wrong.  The scope of work was much broader than I had thought.  In English 4300 I was given the opportunity to learn how to create a website, to talk to members of the community and learn about the many aspects of social justice and harm reduction.

I look forward to bringing this website to the finish line!

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 12.09.03 PM.png


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