Weekly Roundup: Week 12

Weekly Roundup: Week 12

This past week in class we were instructed to take a sample of our writing and cut it up into sentence strips.  We then took those strips and exchanged them with a partner.  Each student then had to attempt to reconstruct the paragraph of our partner.

Jenn and I exchanged paragraphs and I was surprised to see just how hard this task was (despite the help I had from trying to match the cut lines).  Jenn was able to reconstruct my paragraph with only one error; however, it did take a fair amount of time and consideration.  My sentence transitions tend to lack cohesion with the sentence before, which subsequently created a difficult task for Jenn when she had to recreate my sentence order.

Writing is an art.

Earlier in the semester we brought a paragraph sample in and charted out how many word we have in an average sentence.  This challenged me in my writing to seek cohesion.  When I write I look to have short sentences.  Instead of using punctuation to prolong sentences I now seek to shorted and separate my thoughts.  This weeks class exercise showed me that in my quest to shorten my sentences I have lost some of the natural flow to my writing.  Sentences need to carry on information, which will lead to higher understandability in my writing.

As a visual learner I found this class exercise very beneficial.  It is amazing what you can see when you deconstruct a paragraph and lay it in front of yourself to analyze. The exercise allows you to see where information is lacking and where information is in excess.  Some sentences can be combined and others can be broken into parts.

The formation of sentences requires balance.

Not too much.

Not too little.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 2.05.58 PM.png

This coming week I have two final papers to write.  One is for a Philosophy of Ethics class and the other is for English.  In writing these papers I will seek balance in paragraph formation.  My goal is to have sentences that share both known and unknown information.



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