In-Class Reflection: Week 12- DH Showcase Preparation


In-Class Reflection: Week 12- DH Showcase Preparation

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 1.27.35 PM.png

The summer semester is quickly coming to an end and with that comes the final portion of English 4300!  Today in class we discussed the DH Showcase, which will function as the final exam portion of our class.  The showcase will happen August 3, 2016.

The showcase will occur in THREE parts:

  1.  Each student will present a short 2.5 minute overview of the experience had in English 4300.  This presentation will be imbedded on to Prezi and will highlight different mediums used throughout the course.  Because I did not present on a digital network (as I was exempt from this portion of the course because of my contribution in the DHSI field study) I will simply present through WordPress.  I will work on a blog post featuring my experience of English 4300 over the coming week.
  2. Each practicum group will present on the result of their practicum.  Jenn and I look forward to showcasing the new SJC website.  A sneak peak of this site can be found here.
  3. The DHSI presenters will present on the experience had attending an academic conference.  Jenn, James and myself will briefly share about our experience as undergrads at a academic conference.

Because I was was part of the DHSI field study group I will be presenting during each portion of the afternoon.

Greg will make a handout for all the attendees of the showcase.  In this handout there will be a 50 word write up on each student in the class that also includes a hyperlink to the various blogs.

The following is the write-up I intend to include for the pamphlet:

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 2.33.52 PM.png

In considering the workload of the final weeks of the semester, the three piece contribution required for the showcase came as a surprise and caused some stress.  However, in the end I am sure this will be beneficial and successful.

I am looking forward to learning the outcome of the other practicum groups!







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